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Introducing the Tepui HyBox Roof Top Tent Cargo Box

Posted by Product Expert Ryan on 10/6/2018 to Product Introductions
Introducing the Tepui HyBox Roof Top Tent Cargo Box
With 2018 abruptly coming to an end, our product experts have been on the prowl for new gear and accessories. While not all companies out there come with new revamped products every year there are some names that always seem to bring new and innovative products to the market. And this year, Tepui has done it again! Launching soon is the all-new and quite honestly revolutionary Tepui HyBox. You might be thinking…Tepui… okay great some new rooftop tent model. Yeah, not quite.

So What About This New Tent Cargo Thing:
The Tepui HyBox acts not only as an industry leading roof top tent but also a cargo management storage box. For years avid outdoor folk faced the dilemma of wanting to strap on the roof top tent on their next cross-state adventure, but by doing so they were losing valuable storage space on their roof. The Tepui HyBox fixes that issue beautifully.

Offering the ability to crash out on the top of your vehicle and the ability to store your gear, clothes, and anything else you want while traveling, the Tepui HyBox alleviates one of the most common and fundamental issues – lack of storage space.

Featuring over a foot (13" to be exact) of internal storage the Tepui HyBox offers ample room for those larger items such as snowboards, luggage, or even tools. In addition, the HyBox features an ABS hard-shell exterior. What this means is that whatever you decide to store will be protected from the weather, sun, and anything else that might be of concern. Like many of Tepui’s most well-known roof top tents, the HyBox features the ZipperGimp technology allowing one to easily transition the tent between the two modes.

Another beautiful feature of the HyBox is that there are latches on either side of the box. This enables the user to open either side of the box or pop it completely open. This is extremely beneficial when using the product as a storage box. Since the product can be hard to get to on a roof, having the ability to open either side of the box will enable you to get your gear that much easier.

How In The World Is This Different Than The Tepui Lightning?
Good question and there are some similarities. We can start with the most obvious: the price tag. The price on the HyBox is expected to come in around $2,800 which is considerably cheaper than the Lightning. In addition, the HyBox features more than 3 times the storage height. This means you can haul even more stuff at a fraction of the cost. At the end of the day, the HyBox is a cargo storage box paired with a roof top tent while the Lightning functions more like a tent with the ability to carry some cargo.

Stay tuned for the official launch around December 2018 and as always, Truck Brigade will offer their legendary free shipping on this product too.