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Product Introduction: Front Runner Outfitters Roof Top Tent

Posted by Product Expert TJ on 10/25/2018 to Product Introductions
Product Introduction: Front Runner Outfitters Roof Top Tent


Epic road trips, unlimited freedom, and outbound adventures…. That's just the start of what a Roof Top Tent can offer you. These innovative tents have been around for over a decade but are now more commonly used by overland enthusiasts than ever before. With the overland accessory industry booming and so many options available to choose from, your shopping experience can quickly turn from pleasure to pain. Fortunately for you, Truck Brigade is more than happy to do the "dirty work" and provide you with the results! Today's Blog post will be shining the spotlight on the Front Runner Roof Top Tent. Some of you may already be familiar with Front Runner, for those of you that are not, you're in for a real treat. The story of how Front Runner came to be is quite epic and like no other. Legend has it that this company was formed around a campfire, near a majestic Baobab, among elephant tracks, by a handful of friends from South Africa with backgrounds in engineering, design, manufacturing and off-road racing. Fast forward to current day and you have an industry leading manufacturer that specializes in Roof Racks, Water Tanks, Drawer Systems, Camping accessories, and of course... Roof Top Tents and Roof Top Tent Awnings. The team at Front Runner lives by the slogan Travel. Dream. Design. Build. Test. Evolve. Repeat. and it's with that mindset that they continue to manufacture top – quality products. Now that you have an idea of who Front Runner is, allow us to show you what really makes this 2-person Roof Top Tent stand above the competition.


Product Features

Where better to start than the price point of this product. These days, good-better-best pricing is implemented within every marketplace. As you've been doing research and browsing the web for a suitable Roof Top Tent, I'm sure you've seen prices ranging from as low as $800 to upwards of $3,000+. I'm here to tell you that paying more does not always guarantee a higher-quality product. In fact, this Front Runner Roof Top Tent has impeccable quality and all the features you could possibly need, at an affordable price. How's the construction of this product you ask? As mentioned above, the engineers at Front Runner Outfitters grew up enjoying the Great Outdoors, so you can bet that they know how to design a product that will stand up to the elements that Mother Nature may throw your way. The tent itself is mounted to an aluminum base that is insulated to help keep the cold out. The body of this tent is constructed from (400D) PVC coated heavy-duty poly cotton, which is ultimately an Oxford tent fabric. This type of material is breathable, mold resistant, and waterproof! In addition, to take comfort and security a step further, your tent will include an easily removable HD fly-sheet cover. This fly-sheet cover provides you with shade during the day, decreased condensation in the morning, and the ability to leave your windows open when it's raining. To maximize your camping experience, your purchase will also include a telescoping aluminum ladder, 2" high-density foam mattress, durable tent cover, rod kit, and a mounting studs kit. The original installation of the Front Runner Roof Top Tent is somewhat time-consuming, coming in at roughly 1.5 hours. However, don't let that deter you, as once the original assembly is complete, your Tent can be ready to use or stowed away within mere minutes. Designed with both style and function in mind, Front Runner Outfitters claims that this Roof Top Tent sports the lowest profile design on the market. It's super low profile (7.87") and lightweight design (93 lbs.) means reduced wind resistance and a stylish appearance. To sweeten the deal, even more, Front Runner backs their Roof Top Tent with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Color: Gray Tent with Black Trim, Tan Flysheet

Material: Oxford Tent Fabric (400D)

Closed Dimensions: 49" L x 53" W x 7.87" H

Open Dimensions: 134" L x 53" W x 55" H

In Conclusion

The quality of this Front Runner Roof Top Tent combined with the ease of use makes it very attractive to us. The pricing seems more than fair, considering its heavy-duty construction and the fact that it comes packaged with a lot of extras that will surely enhance your camping experience. If you're in the market for a durable 4 season Roof Top Tent, we can say without a doubt that this is going to be one of the best bangs for your buck. If you have any further questions or would like assistance getting ready for your next adventure, please feel free to give us a call at (888) 550-3028.

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