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Product Spotlight: Protect The Interior Of Your Rig This Winter With Husky Liners

Posted by Product Expert TJ on 11/5/2018 to Product Spotlight
Product Spotlight: Protect The Interior Of Your Rig This Winter With Husky Liners

 Husky Liners Introduction Blog Post:

With Winter quickly approaching, it's easy to put everyone else at the top of your priority list. Getting your house ready for the Thanksgiving feast, Christmas shopping for the kids, and right after that is probably gathering supplies for the New Year's get together. While most of us are filled with the joy that comes with the Holiday Season, let's not forget the weather that also comes with it for many. Depending on where you live, Winter often comes with endless melting snow, which results in slush and muck. However, you already know this and we're not here to preach to the choir. But what we are here for is to remind you to treat yourself a little this Holiday Season, and what better way to do that than some affordable truck accessories. Our crew knows first-hand that money will probably be going out each and every direction for the next few months, so we're not saying to Go Big or Go Home and drop a few grand on a Long Travel Suspension Kit (although we can certainly get you set up if you're in the market for one). Instead, we’re thinking of a product that is much more affordable and will double to help maximize your vehicle's resale value. Any idea of the product we're going to recommend? It’s no other than a set of Husky Liner Floor Mats. For those of you who are not familiar with Husky Liners as a company, sit back, relax, and enjoy a quick overview of this industry-leading manufacturer. Husky Liners was founded during the year 1988, in Winfield, Kansas. Their vision was to manufacture innovative products that would protect your ride inside and out. Little did the team at Husky Liners know that within just a few short years, they would rise among the competition and be known as a top provider of vehicle accessories. All products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and most come backed by a hassle-free lifetime guarantee. So, without further ado, let's dive in and see how their products can benefit you!

Products & Services Offered

Husky offers an extensive list of products that are designed to help extend the life of your vehicle. Whether you're wanting to protect your interior or give your vehicle a full detail, Husky is sure to offer what you're looking for. While they are certainly known for their industry leading Floor Mats and Floor Liners, we want it to be known that they also offer a variety of other great accessories such as Seat Covers, Truck Bed Liners, Wheel Well Guards, Mud Flaps, and much more! While we could go on for days talking about their product line-up, it's their Floor Liners that we want to focus on today. So, let's look closely at two of the models they offer. The first Husky Floor Liner we will discuss is their X-act Contour. You may be thinking, well what makes this Floor Liner any different than the one I can grab off the shelf at Walmart. The short answer is… this is not your average Floor Liner that can just be bought in any store. For starters, one way that Husky Liners has been able to trump the competition is by the use of their patented "FormFit Design." This innovative technology has enabled the engineers at Husky to perfectly match the contours of your specific truck or SUV. How does this work you ask? Well, Husky claims that their nerds use lasers and computers to precisely measure the floorboard of each vehicle. Regardless of how they've managed to get the perfect fit, one thing is for sure… these Floor Liners are nothing short of AWESOME. They combine indestructible strength with a soft, cushion-like feel to ensure maximum comfort on long rides. So, we can check style and comfort off the list, but what about their functionality? Husky Liners was sure not to skimp out in this area and designed each Husky X-act Contour Liner to feature raised ridges that serve as a way to scrape off snow, dirt, and grime. Furthermore, each X-act Contour Floor Liner features a deep-channel pattern to maximize the containment of liquids, dirt, and all other spills. Whether you're driving your vehicle through the mountains to get to the ski slope or venturing off the beaten path to get to your hunting camp, these Husky Floor Liners are sure to keep the floor dry and clean. Intrigued by this product but not a fan of the price tag?

Don't leave just yet, as Husky Liners offers a similar quality option, that comes in with a lower price tag. This option would be the Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners. These snugly fitting Floor Liners are constructed from durable materials and are also sure to provide excellent protection against water, snow, salt, sand, mud, and much more! They are advertised with the slogan "Nature’s Fury Ain't Your Worry" and you can bet that they live up to it. While they don't fit smoothly around every nook-and-cranny as the X-act Contour Liners do, they will be custom made for your specific vehicle. Each Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liner utilizes exclusive Stay-Put Cleats to prevent any shifting from occurring. Similar in design to the first model we discussed, the WeatherBeater Floor Liners will also feature raised ridges that run along the door jam, maximizing the protection of your carpet. Regardless of the model you choose, it will come back with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


The crew at Truck Brigade carefully selects manufacturers to work with based on integrity, customer service, and quality. For starters, we are Die-Hard, Red-Blooded Americans, so of course, Husky Liners gets extra brownie points in our book for designing and manufacturing each product here in America. Combine their state-of-the-art technology with their talented engineers and you have products that should last a lifetime. Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for a great stocking stuffer this Holiday Season, Husky Liner makes an excellent choice. If you have any questions or would like assistance upgrading your rig, please feel free to give us a call at 888-550-3028!