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About Us

Our Mission:

Provide not only top-quality products at amazing prices, but more importantly provide the customers with second to none personalized customer service not only before the purchase but for the life of the product.

Why and How We are Different:

Truck Brigade was founded on the principle that the customer matters long after the sale has been made. There has been a fundamental shift in the industry over the years from a more personalized basis to one in which sadly sales are the only thing that matters. The founders of Truck Brigade, who have decades of experience in the automotive industry, decided they had enough and set out to create a "different" company. A company in which our first and foremost concern is You, the customer. This does not just stop when the sale is made. Rather, we are here at just about all hours of the day and 365 days a year to make sure you, the customer is happy. It doesn't matter to us whether you are interested or bought a $20 accessory or are outfitting your truck with $5K in mods, each customer is just as important to us. Because of this unique approach, Truck Brigade is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies for truck parts and accessories.

The Products we Carry:

With tens of thousands of aftermarket truck products on the market today, it can be overbearing just to find a simple off-road bumper…we get it. There is a fine line between offering a fair mix of products and also not being overly flooded with similar products which ends up confusing everyone involved. Given that, Truck Brigade spends months developing insightful content to help customers make better-informed choices. In terms of brands, Truck Brigade takes pride in not only partnering with popular brands but partnering with brands that share the vision we have. Brands are fully vetted not only on product quality and reputation but also their affordability to the end customer. Truck Brigade is constantly on the lookup for brands that can bring more value to the end users as well as regularly monitoring our current brand mix for quality, reliability, and pricing. While we do only show select brands on our website, we do have access to a number of different brands not shown. If there is a brand or product you are interested in and can't find it on our site, one of our product experts would gladly assist in seeing if we could provide what you are looking for.

The Truck Brigade Team:

In order to maintain our level of personalized service and product expertise, Truck Brigade staffs a highly skilled sales and service team to ensure that we are exceeding every customer's expectation. Since we all share the same vision, the result is a well-rounded team that works great together in providing a second to none customer experience. Another thing that sets the Truck Brigade team apart is that we regularly test the products we carry and work closely with the top brands in the industry to ensure our staff is up to date and knowledgeable with everything we sell. Whether an overland Tacoma is your style or a lifted mud truck is your style, we have the product experts in house that speak those languages. Truck Brigade looks forward to working with you and earning your trust just like the many of customers we have already served and continue to serve. Please feel free to utilize our live chat feature on our site or give us a call at (888) 550-3028 if we can be in assistance in any way.