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When it comes to protecting your truck bed, there’s no better choice than BedRug Truck Bedliners. BedRug offers a large array of different Bed Mats which will not only offer superior durability but also add a stylish new look to your vehicle. Traditional drop-in liners tend to scratch the paint off your truck which leads to rust, while spray on liners become a permanent addition and can begin to fade and chip years down the road. Steer clear of these issues by choosing BedRug, as they use an environmentally safe construction. Their products are proven to prevent dents and scratches and offer a simple install that can be done in the comfort of your driveway. BedRug truck bed liners are stain and chemical resistant and come backed with a Lifetime Warranty.

BedRug offers a variety of Truck Bed Liners to accommodate to everyone’s lifestyle. If you’re looking for a polypropylene (carpeted appearance) Bed Liner that covers the tailgate, flooring and sidewalls, the BedRug Classic Full Liner is the product for you. Searching for a TPO (rubberized) option? Take a look at the BedTred Full Liner. BedRug also offers a full line up of Bed Mats such as the BedRug Impact Bed Liner and the BedRug XLT Bed Liner. We understand that sometimes it can get confusing with so many options available, if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (888) 550-3028!