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Light Bars

LED Light Bars 

Are you unable to see where you’re going?  Besides investing in a better pair of glasses, you can get help from Truck Brigade!  Having an LED truck light bar attached to your vehicle can really increase visibility while driving at night.  Perfect for off-roading, many drivers can easily navigate through tough terrain no matter how dark it may be.  Here at Truck Brigade, we offer a wide number of truck light bars for sale from some of the industry’s most renowned brands.

Give your truck the accessory it needs.  Shop our inventory of truck light bars for sale today!

Aftermarket lighting is one of the top ranked accessories being added to vehicles today. Not only does upgraded lighting increase your visibility but it can also add a unique look to your rig. Truck Brigade has a huge selection of light bar options to choose from, varying from shape, size and even color. 

Our Recommendations 

As mentioned above, there’s a huge selection of upgraded light bar options available for your truck. Before you start browsing, it’s important to consider what you will be using your vehicle for primarily as well as where you would like the lights to be mounted. For the truck owner who plans to off-road his vehicle often, a great product to consider would be the Rigid RDS Series PRO. This light bar has revolutionized the lighting industry by featuring upgraded LED technology. It is available in many different sizes and is very simple to install. Maybe you’re not looking to mount a large light bar on your truck and that’s perfectly fine, as you can easily choose between cube lights as well as circular lights. The benefits to these lighting options, is they are relatively low profile and will not alter the appearance of your vehicle much. In fact, options such as the Westin Square LED lights can easily replace stock fog lights on many trucks, still offering you increased visibility on the darkest of nights. For those of you who use your vehicle as a daily driver, simple upgrades to stock headlight bulbs can make the world of a difference. Recon Xenon headlight bulbs and Anzo Halogen bulbs are an easy swap and are sure to provide satisfaction. These bulbs are the perfect option for those who are looking for a brighter and cleaner lighting experience while driving. 

Our Brands 

The crew at Truck Brigade are firm believers in partnering with the best manufacturers in the industry. When it comes to upgrading the lighting on your vehicle, we stand behind names such as Rigid Industries, Westin Automotive, Recon and Anzo. If there’s a brand that you’re searching for, be sure to let us know as we have many other partnerships and would be happy to provide you with a price on the product you’re searching for.

If you don't see the product you are looking for, reach out to us! We publish many of our most recommended brands and products on the site, but we are more than happy to get you the best pricing possible on whatever product you are looking for.