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Ever since their founding in 1996, Retrax has specialized in offering top of the line Tonneau Covers. Quickly earning a reputation for having the “Best-Selling Retractable Tonneau Cover” on the market, it is no surprise that their Tonneau Covers are one of the most commonly seen truck accessories on vehicles today. Retrax understands that the appearance of your vehicle is crucial and has ensured that every model offers more than just standard truck bed protection. Designed with style in mind, each model features low-profile rails that will surely add a unique look to your truck. Retrax has continued to experience tremendous growth over the years and now operates using three plants throughout the United States and is expecting to continue expansion in the future. If you’re looking for an Elite Retractable Tonneau Cover, then look no further than Retrax. 

Truck Brigade is proud to be an Authorized Dealer of Retrax Truck Bed Covers. We offer their full line up of products with a Lowest Price Guarantee! If you’re interested in an entry level Retractable Tonneau Cover, look at the RetraxONE and the RetraxONE MX. While these models are considered Retrax’s entry level, they are still superior to most other Retractable Bed Covers out there on the market. Both models provide you with full locking capabilities and will certainly provide excellent protection for your gear. Want to step it up a notch and upgrade from a polycarbonate construction to an all-aluminum construction? Check out the RetraxPRO and RetraxPRO MX. Our crew typically recommends these Tonneau Covers for contractors and those who use their Truck Bed in harsher conditions. Last but certainly not least, comes their Power Retractable Tonneau Covers. These models provide you with the ultimate convenience by putting full control at your fingertips… literally! Both the Polycarbonate Tonneau Covers and Aluminum Tonneau Covers are available with a power option. If this is the route you think would fit you best, be sure to check out the Retrax PowerTraxONE (polycarbonate construction) and the RetraxPowertraxPRO (aluminum construction). Regardless of the model you choose, rest assured that you are receiving a sturdy and stylish way to keep your gear secure and dry. If you need any assistance with your selection, call us at (888) 550-3028