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Choosing the Best Running Boards or Nerf Bars for You and Your Vehicle

Choosing the best set of Running Boards or Nerf Bars for you and your vehicle can be quite the task. You could easily spend hours upon hours looking through the 100+ options out there for your vehicle. Fortunately for you, our team at Truck Brigade sat down together and created a list of our recommendations. No matter the year, make, or model of your vehicle, we should have a quality set of steps to help you get in and out of out of your vehicle every time.

The Difference Between Running Boards and Nerf Bars
Many tend to think that Running boards and Nerf Bars are one in the same thing. They would be partially correct, in the sense that both are a step that serves the purpose of making your life easier. Both types of products will ensure that you safely enter and exit the vehicle. However, there is a difference between the two products…. Running Boards are typically flat with a rectangular design and often (not always) sit closer to the vehicles rocker panel. Nerf Bars, on the other hand, are typically round or oval shaped and hang down about 3-4 inches from the rocker panel. When choosing between the two types of step, you should take into consideration who will be riding with you primarily such as spouses, children, parents etc. Once you determine the accessibility you all need, you can move on to choosing the appearance of step that you feel fits you and your vehicle best.

Running Boards Nerf Bars

Truck Brigade’s Recommendations
When it comes to our recommendations, we will start off with gauging it towards customers who live in a climate that experiences snow and salt on the roads throughout the year. These harsh weather conditions are known for causing rust and corrosion to all sorts of products. Due to this, we recommend going with a stainless-steel Running Board or Nerf Bar. A quality option to consider would be the Steelcraft 4” Oval Stainless-Steel Nerf Bar. Steelcraft designs these bars Nerf Bars from high-quality stainless steel and tops them off with a polished finish. This ensures that your product will last for many years down the road, even against the harshest of elements. Steelcraft offers these stainless-steel Nerf Bars in other diameters such as 3”, 4, and 5, allowing you to choose what you feel is the best option. If you live in one of these climates and stainless-steel is not your style, Steelcraft also offers the Black Out Series. These Nerf Bars are constructed from the same stainless-steel tubing but are E-coated to provide you with the same protection. For those of you are considered an off-road enthusiast, we have a specific line-up that fits that lifestyle perfectly. N-FAB offers a variety of off-road applications that not only look great but are built to withstand abuse. The N-FAB Cab Length Nerf-Bar features a unique hoop step and is available in your choice of stainless-steel or black. N-FAB goes above and beyond the cab length step by also offering a Wheel to Wheel Bed Access Step. This bar extends to the rear tire and allows truck owners to easily access their toolbox or retrieve things from their bed.

If none of these products interest you and you’re the type of truck owner who believes it’s “all or nothing”, the AMP Research Power Step may be just what you’re looking for. AMP knocked the ball out of the park with these Running Boards and has changed the game of vehicle steps forever. These Running Boards are powered and will deploy when you open the vehicle’s door and automatically retract when the door is shut. These steps offer the further drop (7-8 inches for most applications) and come backed with a 5-Year / 60,000 Mile Warranty. 

We hope that this guide was able to help you decide which Running Boards or Nerf Bars will suit you best. If you have any additional questions or would like further details on any of our products, please feel free to give us a call at (888) 550-3028 or chat in and speak with a product expert.

We publish many of our most recommended brands and products on the site, but we are more than happy to get you the best pricing possible on whatever product you are looking for.