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Running Boards/Nerf Bars

What is a Running Board / Nerf Bar? 

Running Boards and Nerf Bars have been around since the early days of automobiles. They were originally designed to provide assistance when entering or exiting your vehicle. You may be questioning the difference between Running Boards and Nerf Bars. Running boards typically have a flat appearance, while Nerf Bars are available in a round or oval design. While both were originally created to provide a secure stepping area, they also serve the purpose of protecting your vehicle from road debris. 

Our Recommendations 

While it may seem like you can simply select a set of steps and have them installed, it’s very important to realize that there are a few factors to consider before doing so. There are several types of Running Boards and Nerf Bars on the market and the team at Truck Brigade would be happy to lend a helping hand in finding the best option for your needs. We have everything you need to outfit your truck and we carry the premier nerf bars for Dodge RAM 1500 and the top quality running boards for Ford F150.  For customers that are in northern states or experience snow often, we would recommend choosing a Nerf Bar / Running Board that is made from stainless-steel. This ensures that your product is rust/corrosion resistant and will last for many years. Some great options that we offer in stainless steel are manufactured from Steelcraft Automotive, such as our Steelcraft 5" oval nerf bars. You can choose between the 3”, 4”, or 5” diameter. If you’re in the market for a product with a black finish, no worries as Steelcraft now offers the Steelcraft Black Out Series. These Nerf Bars are constructed from stainless tubing but are E-coated to protect against corrosion, making them the perfect Nerf Bar to withstand snow and ice. For those of you who are in the market for a Running Board that will provide you with the furthest drop, we would recommend the AMP Research Powerstep. While the average Nerf Bar / Running board offers 3.5” of drop, the AMP Power Step typically offers close to 8”. AMP Research manufactures these boards with top quality materials, making them the perfect Running Board for both southern and northern states. Another favorite of ours would be the N-Fab Cab Length or N-Fab Bed Access steps. These Nerf Bars are perfect for the truck enthusiast who enjoys off-roading or simply wants to give their truck a unique stylish appearance. If you have any questions or would like assistance choosing the best steps for you and your vehicle, please give us a call at (888)-550-3028 and one of our product specialists will get you hooked up. 

Brands We Carry 

Truck Brigade has carefully and craftily partnered with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality products available on the market. We carry products from Steelcraft Automotive, AMP Research, N-Fab, Fab Fours and many more! All our products are built from the highest quality materials and come backed with a lifetime warranty!

If you have any questions on choosing the best nerf bars or running boards for you and your vehicle, please give us a call at (888)-550-3028. 

We publish many of our most recommended brands and products on the site, but we are more than happy to get you the best pricing possible on whatever product you are looking for.