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Warn Industries has been considered a pioneer in the vehicle recovery industry since it’s foundation in 1948. Known for producing products that feature exceptional quality, strength and reliability; it’s no surprise that Warn Winches are a “go to” accessory among the off-road community. Warn offers a variety of Winch options to meet your needs, all designed with the strength and durability to get you out of the toughest situations. Whether you’re looking for a standard 8k lb. Steel Rope Winch or a 16k lb. Synthetic Line Winch, Warn Industries is sure to have the perfect product to fit your needs. From pulling yourself up a steep hill, to helping others out of the mudhole, you can count on Warn Winches to always get the job done. Shop today with Truck Brigade to receive our legendary free shipping and lowest price guarantee, if you have any questions or need assistance - give us a call (888) 550-3028!