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How to Choose the Best Cover for You and Your Vehicle

Shopping for a tonneau cover can be a daunting task. You’re probably coming across multiple websites and what seems like an endless amount of options to choose from. Here at Truck Brigade, we have created a simple guide to help you choose the best options for you and your vehicle. Please take a look at the breakdown that we have listed below. If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call and one of our product experts will gladly assist.

Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Covers
Soft roll up covers are going to be the most commonly found cover on trucks today. They are typically in the $250 - $499 price range and offer a simplistic design that can be easily operated by any truck owner. Constructed out of UV resistant vinyl, Velcro side rails and a full perimeter seal, this type of cover is perfect for the truck owner looking for easy accessibility to their full truck bed as well as protection from the elements. We recommend soft roll-up covers for those who live in a state that experiences a variety of climates. Each cover is designed to withstand harsh sun, snow, ice and anything else Mother Nature may throw your way. Here at Truck Brigade, we have a couple of personal favorites that we can recommend. Starting at the lower end of the price range, we are a big fan of the Truxedo Truxport. This model features a UV resistant vinyl along with an automatic tension control making the Truxport perfect for all climates. Truxedo backs this model with a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty to ensure that you get many years of use. If you’re looking for more of a premier soft-roll up covers, we would recommend the Truxedo Lo Pro QT and the Extang Revolution. The Truxedo Lo Pro QT has been rated #1 soft cover on the market, with the Extang Revolution following closely behind. Both models offer top of the line leather grain vinyl and a very low-profile look adding a stylish appearance to any truck. Built to last, each of these models come with a limited lifetime warranty directly from the manufacturer.

Soft Folding Tonneau Covers
For those who are looking to steer away from any type of Velcro based sealing system, we offer many additional varieties of soft folding covers. Soft folding covers are typically constructed out of the same durable materials as roll-up covers, which is a UV resistant leather grain vinyl along with a lightweight aluminum frame.  One main advantage of choosing a soft folding cover over a roll up is due to the ease of use. Rather than having to manually roll up the cover across the entire bed, you can simply fold back a few panels and have complete bed access immediately. Another reason that soft folding covers are so popular is because they offer the ability to access portions of your bed while keeping others closed. Soft folding covers are typically known for having a simplistic installation; using spring loaded clamps, installation typically can be completed within 5 minutes with no tools being required. If you’re looking for a couple of recommendations on these models, we can certainly lead you in the right direction. One of our personal favorites is the Extang Trifecta 2.0. This soft folding cover is currently ranked as “America’s Best Selling Soft Tri-Fold Cover” with good reason. This model is listed at a very reasonable price and is what we consider, the best bang for your buck. Featuring a heavy-duty leather grained fabric over an aircraft aluminum frame, this cover is built to last. Extang has included their patented smart clamping system on this model, which allows the cover to be installed or removed within 5-10 minutes. Although this cover is typically the perfect route to go for any truck enthusiast, we do have another recommendation at a slightly higher price point. Our second recommendation is going to be the Truxedo Deuce 2. While this cover does feature a slightly heftier price tag, it also offers much more versatility for the user. The Truxedo Deuce 2 is the only soft tri-fold on the market that offers full bed access from not only the rear of the bed, but also from the front. Truxedo has done an excellent job with this product, constructing it with top of the line materials and backing it with a lifetime warranty.

Hard Folding Tonneau Covers
Moving along through our buyer’s guide, it’s time to discuss some of our more “heavy duty” applications that we offer. Whereas soft covers may be the perfect application for the daily driver, we do offer hard exterior covers for those who are looking for a cover offering maximum security. Hard folding covers are typically constructed out of aluminum or FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) and feature full perimeter seals that are made from EPDM rubber. These covers are designed for the truck owner that carries expensive equipment / precious cargo in the bed and needs to ensure that the cover is impenetrable not only from the elements, but from thieving hands. There’s many different manufacturers and models in this category, but we’re here to help guide you to the correct choice. Hard covers that are constructed from aluminum are going to be best in a sunny / dry climate. This type of cover would be best for customers that are in Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona; places where the sun is relentless. Covers that are made from Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer are going to be more dent and impact resistant than the aluminum covers, but they will not have the durability to withstand the sun. FRP based covers are going to be the best choice for the truck owner who lives in states that experience hail and other harsh elements that could potentially dent aluminum. From years of hands on experience with numerous hard folding covers, we have a few that stand out from our perspective. BAK Industries is known for leading the industry in this category and their products are flawless. For customers located in states with brutal sunlight, we recommend going with the BAKFlip G2 or the BAKFlip MX4. Both of these options offer full bed access within seconds and come backed with strong manufacturer warranties. For our customer’s that are in states that experience hail, we would recommend our Fiberglass options such as the BAKFlip FIBERMAX and Bakflip F1. If you have any further questions on the differences between these models, please feel free to call or chat in, one of our product experts would be glad to assist.

Retractable Tonneau Covers
If you’re in the market for a tonneau cover that offers maximum security and requires the least amount of time and effort to operate, a retractable cover may be the perfect choice for you. These hard covers are typically constructed out of a polycarbonate or aluminum material and feature either a gloss or matte black finish across the top (depending on the model you choose). Retractable covers have become extremely popular within the past few years due to the low-profile appearance and quick bed access. All of our retractable covers feature a no-drill installation and can be on your truck and ready to use within 45 minutes due to the simple clamp on design.  Not only do we offer manual retractable covers, but for the ultimate in luxury, we also offer power operated retracting covers. These covers will come with a small key fob which will allow you to open, close and even lock the cover in the position you desire. Our recommendation when it comes to retractable covers are going to be models offered through Retrax. We are a huge fan of the Retrax line up due to the fact that they offer retractable covers that feature a sealed ball bearing system, a stylish low-profile appearance, and a legendary lifetime warranty. Coming in at the lowest price range is going to be the RetraxONE. This model is constructed out of polycarbonate material and features a gloss black finish, however it is also available in a matte black finish if you prefer. This cover is capable of locking at any point throughout the bed which makes loading cargo a breeze. The RetraxONE is rated to carry 250 lbs. evenly distributed across the top. For those of you who may be involved in construction work or is looking for something more durable, we would recommend the RetraxPRO.  This model features all of the same great qualities of the original Retrax, however it is made out of contractor grade aluminum. This ensures that the cover can carry the weight of up to 400 lbs. (evenly distributed) across the top, making this model what many believe to be the best retractable cover on the market. No matter which Retrax model you choose, you can rest assured that you’re getting a top-quality product and will be receiving their legendary lifetime warranty.

One-Piece Hinged Tonneau Covers
If you’re a truck owner who only needs occasional access to the truck bed and rarely carries oversized cargo, a one-piece hinged tonneau cover may be the best option for you. These covers are hinged at the front of the truck and supported by gas struts when opened, making it a very user friendly application. One-piece hinged covers are going to be considered our most water resistant models, due to the ends of the cover wrapping over the bed cap. This ensures that none of the elements will ever damage any precious cargo you may be transporting. In the past these covers were not considered very stylish, however that is no longer the case. Over the years, Undercover has rocketed to the top of this specific industry and now manufactures many different stylish designs that can be painted to match your vehicle. Each model will be custom-designed to fit your specific vehicle and will be backed by a full warranty. If you’re looking for a more simplistic design, we recommend taking a look at the Undercover Classic. This model will feature a smooth seamless design and sports a black finish that will go well with any color vehicle. If you’re in the market for a more stylish tonneau cover, we would guide you in the direction of the Undercover Elite LX. This model is going to be the newest cover that has been introduced in the Undercover line-up and is the most stylish as well. Offering raised ridges, a carpeted headliner, and being painted to match your vehicle, you can’t go wrong with this option. Regardless of which cover you choose, we offer a full manufacturer warranty as well as a satisfaction guarantee. If you have any further questions regarding any of our tonneau covers, please feel free to give us a call! We have product specialist standing by who would be more than happy to assist you with finding the perfect cover.